Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There are several things that drive me up a wall in my chosen profession. One of them, if not the worst, is the concept of the "VIP." It's the idea that a patient gets preferntial treatment over other patients because they are a professor, or a dean, or own some influential company.

Everyone should be treated the same way. Period. If you call the families of your patients to update them on a regular basis, good. Do the same for the "VIP." Don't do it more.

Some families need more time spent with them so they understand what exactly is going on. Usually they are either very, very smart or they're... not. If your practice is to routinely spend whatever time a family needs, good. But don't do it just because they're "VIPs."

Everyone gets sick. People get in traumas. People get cancer. Yes, even the people society labels as "important" are susceptible to such things. But that distinction should disappear when they walk through the door. Which, by the way, is where I leave my ego.

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