Thursday, January 17, 2008

a new cardio work out

I couldn't make it to the gym yesterday. It always seems that the days we need those endorphins the most are the days we can't get there.

Would killing my intern be considered a cardiovascular workout? I guess it would depend on the method. Shooting? No. Stabbing? Maybe. Multiple stabbings? Possibly. Strangle with bare hands followed by kicking/jumping? Definitely!

Oh, and I'm not just being an evil chief here. He completely deserves it. He's like a negative resident. It would be easier if he weren't even here and we had to split his work up among the rest of the team. He coutns as negative because he has to be checked up on, which takes longer than actually just doing it yourself. :-P


Anonymous said...

So how much checking do you expect to do on the intern, and when does it become too much?

lights n steel said...

1. I have to check and make sure labs have been ordered on everyone. Some are, some aren't.

2. Ditto for chest x-rays.

3. He frequently gives wrong information "Pt on dialysis." When actually he's *pre* dialysis and voids just fine.

4. Doesn't check orders routinely to make sure that everything in there is still valid.

5. Makes important clinical decisions without consulting anyone else higher on the chain of command. Usually the decisions are wrong.

6. Was forbidden from speaking to an attending at the beginning of the year unless he cleared it through his chief.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this intern in not truly intereted in a career in general surgery (possibly a future anesthesiologist). Or is the caliber of surgical residents going down the drain?

Anonymous said...

Maybe your intern is just learning the ropes? Although number 5 kind of reeks of stupidity, and number 3 & 4 of carelessness.

Anyway, I've added your blog to my roll. You're welcome, but not obliged, to reciprocate. :-)


lights n steel said...

To be quite honest, he is in a non-designated prelimary position. Meaning that he thought he wanted to do something surgical, but couldn't get a 5 year spot somewhere else. Now that his year is coming to an end, he doesn't have anything else lined up yet. He couldn't get any surgical interviews and has been interviewing in anesthesia, psych, and ob/gyn.

I worked with him in August; merely one month after starting. I was quite patient with him at the time, and several things have improved. But we're past the half way point in the year. Everyone slips up every once in a while, but there are several things *every day.* Can't wait til next month when I get a new intern who knows what's going on...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!!!