Thursday, November 15, 2007


Last week I was bellyaching, as only a resident could, about having to work the day after Thanksgiving in the venous ulcer clinic. We also like to call this the smelly foot clinic. Smelly feet as only diabetic vasculopaths can have smelly feet.

My attending was in a particularly good mood this week, especially after he took the team out for all you can eat Indian food. While he was full and happy, I gingerly broached the subject of moving the clinic to the following Monday. He didn't agree right away, but he didn't flat out deny it either. I let it rest, and when I got back to the hospital, I called the clinic gods and asked what we needed to do to move the smelly feet clinic from the day after Thanksgiving to the next Monday. They said that the attending would have to cancel it, but they needed to know right away.

I paged him immediately and asked him if he was willing to do so. He quickly agreed, and it was done! So instead of examining ulcers and lymphedema, I'll be out shopping, getting great deals for Christmas.

Sometimes it's good to be chief.

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