Thursday, November 22, 2007


...for what I learn from my patients, my attendings, and my students.

...for being present in people's lives when they are the most vulerable and being in a position to offer comfort.

...for whatever abilities I have to do my job. belong to a profession that prides itself in the care of others. be able to experience life-long learning in an ever changing world.

...for the health of my friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving


Jeffrey said...

short simple yet deep. encompasses the medical profession very well, i feel. (in my severely limited knowledge and experience) i feel im not in the wrong profession after all!

oh btw, do consider hosting SurgeXperiences when you can yea? It isn't that difficult, as many surgeon blogger before you can attest to.

the available dates are here:

thank you for your attention.

Anonymous said...

really wanted to forward this to a friend who's having health problems right now--she appreciates my being able to work in the medical field,but she has a hard time dealing with each new setback..can't say that i've ever been in her shoes...karin